The purpose of this organization shall be:A. To teach the art of skating to all participating in the program.B. To instruct those participating in the fundamentals of ice hockey.C. To instill the necessary attitudes for team spirit and s

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Franklin Youth Hockey Association (FYHA)




In the coming year, Franklin Youth Hockey Association (FYHA), will continue its popular In-House Developmental League. For those new to the program, this league consists of 4 or more Franklin Mite- level teams that will play cross-ice games in Franklin and/or Norfolk Arena. The goal of this program will focus on more intensive skating and skill development while offering the parents an easier schedule for practices and games. The program also aligns itself with the philosophy of USA & Mass Hockey for the age group of 8 and under. Here are some facts about the program:

  • The program will now have a focus on cross ice hockey against other teams within our OWN In-House Developmental League and an intense focus on skill development in our station-based, skills practices. Having our OWN league also allows us to control and monitor the development of our players as the season progresses.
  • The focus of the In-House Developmental League will be the development of the younger or less experienced player. USA Hockey and Mass Hockey now require cross ice hockey for the younger player because the player will experience:

o More touches of the puck

o More shooting, passing and scoring opportunities

o More changes in direction, improving skating skills

o More action for goaltenders due to increased shooting

o Less stopping of play for more game action and fun

  • After tryouts, skaters not placed on one of our mite teams that play in the Westborough Youth League, will be placed in the in-house league.  For the first month of the season, all players will participate in ‘skills session’ practices.  Teams will then be selected by the coaches with an emphasis on creating teams with the same skill level.
  • As with our other teams within FYHA, we will strive for practices twice per week and 1 cross ice game per week. Practices will be run as “skill sessions” designed to maximize skill development at this critical stage. Players will participate in a minimum of 16-20 games per season. Players participating in this program will have more opportunities to develop than in the past.
  • FYHA will develop a practice plan and calendar to assist coaches in providing each player with the same opportunities to develop.
  • Cross ice games will be run on continuous time for approximately 45 minutes. There will be no stoppage of time and no face offs. If a goal is scored, the coach will immediately place another puck in play. The timekeeper will sound the horn every minute and the teams will change lines on the fly. Goalies will be used as much as possible with players rotating to play goalie on a weekly basis.
  • Teams will be named after NHL teams and will receive a shirt in addition to matching team socks.

If you have any questions regarding the FYHA In-House Developmental League, please feel free to contact our Registrar, Dan Sheehan at .