The purpose of this organization shall be:A. To teach the art of skating to all participating in the program.B. To instruct those participating in the fundamentals of ice hockey.C. To instill the necessary attitudes for team spirit and s

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Extracted from 2010-2011 coaching evaluations
I am staring at a 3x2 inch space to write glowing words of gratitude to express my respect for and portray my appreciation for a wonderful coach.  At every turn of this season - Coach xxxxx has been fair - encouraging - enthusiastic and smiling.  As a parent of a normally shy and reserved child - this was such a blessing.  My athlete was allowed to perform at his comfort level and was always welcomed to the ice.  He was given praise and constructive criticism and learned a lot about hockey and himself during the course of this season.  I do feel that coach and his assistants have made this an outstanding first season for my child and our family.  Thank you for always playing fair - the two minute rotation was just perfect and to see it executed no matter what the play/score is honorable and not always seen in other youth athletics. and it should be.  Thank you - thank you - thank you from one very proud - happy - and slightly tired mama.   It's a great tired though.
xxxx has had a great year this year on the Squirt x’s.  Coach xxxxx has done a fantastic job of mixing fun - discipline and hard work for the team.  He's prepared for every practice and game and has resulted in a tremendous season for the team
xxxx is a great coach couldn't be happier with him and the way he runs the team!!!
The program and coaches are honestly the most organized/well run sport I have ever been associated with.
Coach xxxxx is the best - we feel so lucky to have had him for a coach (twice!!!) thank you FYHA for another great year!
xxxx was by far the best coach my son has played for including selects - etc.  His dedication to his players and their development was second to none.  He is 100% committed to his team.  My son worked hard for xxxx because he motivated him and xxx would tolerate nothing less!   xxx also made it fun for the boys .
I could not have asked for a better coach for my son this year.  He provided him with skill development and constant encouragement. He helped my son build some much needed confidence.  Great year with a great coach!
Coach xxxx was one of the main reasons my 5-6yr old stayed with it.  He was so caring and an amazing coach - best experience we've had so far in a Franklin sport - glad my youngest child became interested in hockey!  Love the hockey community and can't wait for next year!  - I just hope for someone as caring - fun and motivating next season!  But from what we can see - they are all that way!
Awesome coach and an even better guy.  Great with the kids and really enjoys coaching these kids.  He has the right outlook on youth hockey and the kids all look up to him.
Coach xxxx is great with the kids and dedicates a lot of time to FYHA.  He knows how to have fun with the kids and help them learn the game of hockey at the same time.  xxxx is a huge asset to this program.
xxx does a great job with the Mites - he emphasizes having a good time - and also gives them guidance on how to improve.  He also has every player take turns in every position - to give them a well rounded experience on the ice.
This was my son's first year playing hockey and coach xxxxx is the perfect combination of a coach who encourages hard work - sportsmanship and having fun.  Cannot say enough good things!
XXXXX coaching style is wonderful. He is kind - gentle - encouraging and taught my son a great deal about being a good defenseman - one of my son's favorites!
xxxxxx enthusiasm for the game of hockey with an emphasis on having fun is contagious! xxxxx did an excellent job as a coach and leader of the Franklin xxxxx In-House team. My son thoroughly enjoyed learning and playing in the In-House program and we look forward to more fun next year! Regards
This is our second year with coach xxxx and we could only hope to have him for another year.  Our son has learned so much from him.  Coach xxxxx comes highly recommended.
Aside from the wins this team and coach have been awarded - we are so happy with our son's knowledge of the game and of his position after having spent the year with coach xxx.  He has taught the kids to play as a team - not as a bunch of individually talented hockey players and this philosophy - I think - has made all the difference for these kids.  My son has told me more than once that this was the 'best hockey year' he's ever had...we're sorry to see it come to an end!  Many thanks to xxxx for his time - talent and enthusiasm with this team!
xxxxx has a great sense of the game that he is able to translate into terms that work for 7 and 8 year olds.  He's always been positive and enthusiastic and made games and practices a great experience for our son.
How coach xxxx has been able to give so much time and talent to these boys with the schedule he keeps is beyond me!  He brings a terrific passion and enthusiasm for the game each time these kids have been on the ice and they love it!  His pre-game chant has solidified the message of 'team' and helped to make these some of the coolest cats at the rink!
Coach xxxxx has hijacked my son's imagination and he is now convinced he will be a hockey superstar.  Thanks coach.  In all seriousness - I have watched xxxxx interact with the kids and inspire them to play as well as they can.  I was talking to one of the other parents from the team last night and we both commented on how well all the kids on the team respond to xxxx
I assist coach with xxxxx.  I see better than anyone just how good he is.  Excellent coach.  The kids have learned a lot from him and so have I. 
xxxxxx did a great job - his demeanor on and off the ice with the kids is always A+. 
Our son has thoroughly enjoyed playing for xxxxxx over the past few years - lots of positive energy with the kids - keeps it fun yet challanging- all the time.  Great job.
xxxxx has been my son's coach for the last couple of seasons. I have seen great strides in my son's progress under xxx’s guidance - from stick handling and shooting - to his skating ability. I feel xxxxx works well with the kids during his practice sessions.
Coach xxxxxx is a great guy.  He has been reliable - upbeat and dedicated to this team.  He is always positive and sets a great example of sportsmanship for the boys.  We were very lucky to have him as a coach. 
Mr. xxxxx is by far the MOST prepared - positive - enthusiastic - encouraging...etc. coach I have had the privelege of knowing for years! Thanks for such a great year.
xxx is an outstanding coach and the kids really enjoy him. He keeps them motivated and gave them a great season to remember for a lifetime. As a first time assistant coach - I also learned a lot from xxxxx.
My son comes off the ice dripping in sweat and a smile on his face whether it is practice or a game (win or loose). Not much more I could ask for. Coach xxxx has great knowledge of the game and knows how to relate this to the kids so that they understand. He is a great asset to Franklin Flyers program!!!
xxxx was a fantastic coach.  Kids loved playing for him.  He always had a positive thing to say about each player.  Huge confidence boost for my son this year.  Can't say enough about how much we enjoyed having him as a coach.
I think xxxx does a great job with the kids.  He is very enthusiastic about the game and the kids get so much from him.  These kids have had a great year and have gained a tremendous experience playing together as a team and going as far as they did with the state and sectional tournaments. 
I cannot say enough positive things about Coach xxxx.  He has been one of the best coaches that any of my kids have ever had in Franklin Youth Hockey.  His outstanding knowledge of the sport and his ability to train kids that are anywhere from 4 to 8 years old is so invaluable.  His enthusiasm and love for hockey makes the kids just want to play more - learn - improve and most importantly go out and have fun.  I can only hope that my daughter might get him again next year as a coach.  It was by far one of the best experiences my daughter and our family has had this past year in Franklin Youth Hockey.
This was our 1st year in FYHA.  xxxxx did an excellent job with our son.  We couldn't have asked for a better 1st year coach.
Coach xxxxx helped make my sons first year of hockey a great one. He was great with the kids and taught them alot about the game  - you could see the enthusiasm and the skill level grow with every game.
xxxxxx has made this an incredible season for the team.  We are always so impressed with his coaching style and all that he provides the kids. 
the in house is a great program I love the fact that every head coach works with every child from every  team!!
Coach xxxxx and all the coaches were great! Because of all of their hard work and great attitude my boy had an awesome year of playing hockey and is already geared up for next year. Nice job coaches.
My boys had a fantastic - successful year and much of that had to do with coach xxx.
Franklin Youth Hockey is lucky to have a coach like xxxx.  He is positive - teaches the kids when they make mistakes - makes it fun for them and is just a great role model.  His love for the game is apparent.
We love Coach xxxxxx!!
xxxxx was a great coach - he made my son want to go to the rink on a regular basis.  it was my sons first year of playing and xxxx made it a positive experience for him.
Yet again my son has been lucky enough to be in this Franklin program with another fantastic coach.  We've had another season of fun and there is a smile on his face everytime he comes off the ice.
This coach did an excellent job.  He was very supportive and always had some great advice for my son when he did well and when he didn't do so well.  Made sure a lesson was learned in either case.
This coach is a great team player with regard to supporting his head coach.  He was always there to help make sure the kids understood the drills and worked to keep them focused on the lessons at hand.  Always up-beat and great with the kids.
This is our third year with coach xxxx.  And each year my child has become a better hockey player.  Xxxxx promotes working hard - but it is also about having fun.  The kids on our team really enjoy being with each other - and it starts with the coaching!  Our team this year played above all expectations!  It was amazing to see how they all grew - not only as hockey players - but individuals with alot of confidence!  What a way to end our FYHA hockey experience!
xxxxxx is a knowledgeable and dedicated coach.  He constantly takes the time to explain to each child what they are doing wrong and how to improve themselves in a constructive manner.
We have loved having xxxx as a head coach this year!  He and his team of coaches have been great...very positive - approachable and genuinely proud of our kids!  xxxxx treats the kids equally and makes them each feel great about their games.  Sad to see the season end! 
Our first year's experience with hockey has been great and has everything to do with the coaches!
xxxx is the ideal coach - he understands how to teach the game of hockey - while making it fun and challenging - all with a level head.  He has well-prepared practice sessions and he ensures focus shifts to new skills to keep things interesting.  He is supportive of the players and a great communicator with both the kids (with both positive and constructive feedback) and the parents.  The BEST - please keep him on as a coach!!
xxxx was great with the kids and passionate about the sport without turning the kids off. Throughout the year he did his best to keep it interesting. Win or lose he kept the game fun for the kids which is key.
You would never be able to figure out who the coaches kids were on this team.  They treated everyone equally!
xxx has been an awesome coach for Mite x - it shows in the team's performance.
Xxx has helped my son enjoy coming to practices and games.  He always relates to and encourages all of the kids - and they have improved a great deal under his leadership.
Coach xxxxx is a great teacher - leader and motivator for the kids.  Does a great job teaching the game and keeping it FUN!
Coach xxxx is an exceptional Coach!  We were very lucky to have him this year!!!
Xxxx is the biggest reason so many kids had a great time this year.  He made games - tourneys - and practices fun.  xxx emphasized good sportsmanship whether we win or lose. 
xxx was a positive influence throughout the year for the kids.  He did a great job with all of them and was a major factor in making the year a great one for the kids.
xxxx was a great coach this year.  He kept the kids moving every practice and never showed up without a plan.  Even when he wasn't there he made sure there was a plan for whoever ran practices or games.  xxx managed every issue with the kids properly.  Not all kids are perfect and some can be very difficult but xxxx worked hard to find a way to communicate positively with all of them.
-Terrific person and coach.  xxxx also works well with parents who volunteer to help out on the ice - making clear his goals for the team.  He-and his unofficial asst coaches work as one; they are in sync which creates wonderful consistency for players and parents.  He and his coaching team have made the 2010-11 season an amazing experience - thank you.
xxxx has a great love and passion for the game that shows every time he is at the rink. He is a great teacher of the game as well and holds the kids accountable to working as a team. It has been a great season.
xxxxx does an amazing job with these kids. His knowledge of the game combined with his passion has helped the skilll level of these kids improve incredibly. He is a great person a great coach and a great role model for these kids.
xxxx is an amazing coach and I could not be any luckier that he was a huge part of our team this year. He has great skill in connecting with these kids and giving that extra boost of confidence when they need it. We all are better off when xxx is around and it has been a pleasure to coach with him again.
xxxx does a great job with the kids and always has the best attitude. I can't thank him enough for all his hard work.
xxxx is a great guy and it was nice of him to get patched this season so he could get involved.
We could not be happier with the coaching for our son.  He was somewhat nervous and anxious about starting the year - and coach was able to turn his shyness / nervousness into confidence.  What more could you ask for?  xxxx cannot wait to play next year (squirt)
It was a pleasure having xxx as our head coach.  He does a fabulous job with the kids and he is a class act.
xxx created a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere for the kids as well as parents. xxxx dedication and integrity make him a great attribute to the FYHA family. We hope to see him coaching again in the future.
xxxx always has a positive attitude.  He makes the game fun and enjoyable for both player and parent.  Couldn't ask for a better coach!!!!!
We feel xxxxxx was very lucky to play for coach xxxx. He brought out the best in the kids and insisted on sportsmanship - team and respect-the most valuable lessons they can learn.
xxxx is excellent.... inspires - teaches and expects the best from the kids. Takes the time to instill sportsmanship - team and respect. Can't say enough good things about xxxx
a phenomenal effort and dedication put forth by coach xxxxx this year...from the pre-season party - all the way through to the end!  Much appreciated.  I'm also thankful for the high expectations of the kids' accountability and professionalism.
We've been very fortunate to have xxxxx involved with FYHA - given his vast playing experience and coaching at a high level.  He taught the kids a lot this year - elevating their games - but was also just tough enough to give them a well-needed dose of reality and perspective for the future.
This was my child's first year of Hockey and I was extremely pleased with both the head coach and the assistant coaches.  They really made my son's first year a great one.  They were very supportive - always congratulated the kids and told them individually what a great job they did.  It really was a great experience.
We couldn't have asked for a better coach for our daughter!  Coach xxxx understands how to motivate the kids - and makes it a lot of fun for them.  There was such a sense of "team" among the players and coaches....something that we can directly attribute to xxxxxx.  I only wish we could keep him as our coach next year!!!